I am SathishKumar

Web Designer & Graphic Designer

14 Years Experience

Professional Skills

14 years of experience in graphic design and web design, specializing in creating captivating visual solutions. I excel in crafting impactful logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, packaging designs, and websites. With a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to excellence, I approach each project with dedication and professionalism. I possess a proven track record of delivering exceptional results within strict deadlines. Through my creative expertise and technical skills, I strive to bring ideas to life and leave a lasting impression.

Affer Effects
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Prmiere Pro
Adobe Animate
Adobe XD
Adobe Dimension

What I Do

WordPress Website

In my journey as a web developer, I have mastered the art of crafting captivating WordPress websites using Elementor and building them entirely from scratch.

Logo Design

With my expertise in Illustrator, I have successfully crafted over 100 logos that truly captivate and make a lasting impression. Through a combination of creativity, design principles, and technical skills, I have been able to bring ideas to life and create stunning logos for a diverse range of clients.

Graphic Design

As a skilled graphic designer, I possess a comprehensive understanding of various design software, including Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Photoshop. With these powerful tools at my disposal, I have successfully crafted an extensive range of visual assets, from business cards and flyers to brochures, packaging designs, and menu cards.

Packaging Design

With proficiency in both Illustrator and Corel Draw, I have leveraged my expertise to create a diverse array of packaging designs and print materials.

Video Editing

As a Designer and VFX artist, I have mastered the art of creating captivating visuals using industry-standard software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. With these powerful tools, I have brought logos to life through dynamic and eye-catching logo reveals that leave a lasting impression.

Vector Drawings

As an Designer skilled in both pencil sketching and vector drawing, I have the ability to transform various subjects into captivating visual representations. With the traditional medium of pencil, I bring life to paper through intricate and detailed sketches, capturing the essence and character of my subjects. Additionally, I possess expertise in utilizing Adobe Illustrator to convert photographs or pencil sketches into precise and scalable vector drawings.


Design Master

Graphic & Web Designer

Graphic & Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic & Web Designer





CSC Softview

Master Diploma in Multimedia

Arena Animation Madurai

Advanced Diploma in Autodesk Maya

American College Higher Secondary School


Arena Animation Chennai

Diploma in Animation Engineering

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